Frequently Asked Questions Accelerated HR San Diego, CA
Here you can find the answers to commonly-asked questions about our HR Consulting Services in San Diego and Orange County.
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The inside scoop

1 – What does Accelerated HR do?

Accelerated HR specializes in helping HR departments become compliant by putting proper documents, policies, and procedures in place; providing advice on handling sensitive employee relations issues; helping employers build winning company cultures; and assisting organizations in attracting top talent by deploying strategic recruiting efforts.

2 – When should we work with Accelerated HR?

Accelerated HR should be brought on board when you are:

1 – In need of HR advisory services

2 – Looking to make your HR department compliant or needing to set up your HR department

3 – Need help overhauling your company culture in order to achieve maximum business results

4 – Looking to become “Employer of Choice”

3 – How does HR Accelerated HR work?

Accelerated HR works on an hourly or project basis based on client needs and preferences.

4 – Why choose Accelerated HR?

Accelerated HR’s main function is to help companies get compliant and minimize employment risk by helping your team navigate the murky regulatory landscape and avoid costly litigation. Our passion is building high performing teams and company cultures. If you’re struggling in the talent acquisition realm, we will help you attract, grow, and retain your human capital.

5 – Where is Accelerated HR located?

Accelerated HR is located in San Diego, California. We work with local companies by providing on-site HR services. We also work with companies who have offices across different states and locations by utilizing modern technology to communicate on daily or weekly basis as well as traveling to out of state client locations.

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