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We handle your HR problems

so you can focus on your BUSINESS

Get FREE HR advice that we only share in email

We handle your HR problems

so you can focus on your BUSINESS

Get FREE HR advice that we only share in email

About Us: HR Consulting in San Diego & Orange County

Accelerated HR has a fresh and innovative approach to Human Resources and HR consulting. Gone are the days when HR was thought of as the “paper pushing” department. At Accelerated HR, we believe that when you strategically align your human capital needs, your business results accelerate. To us, there are two components to Human Resources and HR Consulting; first component is the critical compliance aspect which is the foundation of any good HR department. The second component is employee morale and engagement which is the result of the company culture. When you properly combine these two components, you create the secret sauce that sets your company up for success and will ultimately attract, grow, and retain your best employees who are your business’ ultimate competitive advantage. Let us help you create this secret sauce!


Before you start thinking about your company culture, you have to minimize your employment risk by systematically putting proper policies and procedures in place and know how to handle sensitive employee relations issues within the confines of labor laws in order to avoid costly litigation. From there, you can focus on building a unique company culture which will reflects your company values and generates the business results you are looking for.

What is company culture?

Company culture is the visible employee attitude, morale, and belief in the company and the work itself. It’s how much the employees align with the company vision and mission and demonstrate that by going above and beyond in their day-to-day work. Company culture also contains underlying forces that make up those attitudes and beliefs. Culture starts at the top with senior management setting the tone which permeates all the way down to the employees influencing their morale and attitude towards the work and the company itself. Without setting the proper cultural tone, companies risk low employee productivity and turnover which results in mediocre business results. Let Accelerated HR help you built the right foundation for your HR department by minimizing your employment risk and helping you set the right cultural tone for your organization to achieve staggering business results!

Who we are:

Anna Mikituk is a certified HR consulting professional in San Diego, CA with a decade of HR consulting experience who brings a modern take on Human Resources. She has worked across diverse industries ranging from technology, digital marketing, hospitality and manufacturing. With a strong passion for her craft, she brings energy, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas to the table. Well versed in all aspects of regulatory compliance, Anna has a proven track record of building HR departments from the ground up, leading companies to be on the “Best Places to Work” list, as well as developing strong relationships with executives and employees alike in order to achieve business results. Anna’s core value is to always deliver value.


How we work:


Accelerated HR is an HR consulting and advising firm focused on providing professional, tailored, and scalable human resources solutions to a broad spectrum of industries. Whether your need involves one-time HR consulting services, or working with your company on an ongoing basis, Accelerated HR will be there to help your organization minimize employment risk and maximize employee productivity.


Client testimonials:

Nathan Weber, Founder & President of Weber CFO

“Anna and I have worked together for several years in a number of professional capacities. Most recently, I worked with Anna as a human resources consultant for one of my most important clients. During that engagement, Anna and I worked together on a number of initiatives to increase compliance, reduce potential exposure, improve employee morale, and ultimately increase productivity and profitability. Throughout these endeavors, Anna proved herself to be an exceptionally talented resource and advisor.”

Ramsay Crooks, EVP of Product, Geary LSF

“Accelerated HR takes the guesswork out of Human Resources. Anna and I were involved in several RIF efforts and she helped us navigate complicated compliance issues around age discrimination and ensured all employee meetings were handled properly. She also helped develop and administrate a compliant HR department where one did not exist before. Thanks to her efforts, our organization had an organized and effective HR practice and the risk of costly litigation was mitigated.”

Hillary Steinfeldt, HR Generalist, DuChateau

“I highly recommend Accelerated HR because of their deep understanding of what it takes to build a strong company culture and increase employee engagement. Anna also possesses substantial knowledge of complicated HR compliance issues and has a simple way of explaining it to her clients.”

Maria Overton, Director of Finance & Admin, Horton Grand Hotel

“My favorite thing about working with Accelerated HR is how responsive and accommodating they are.  Anna is always available to answer questions or guide us in the right direction when it comes to complex employee relations issues.”

Katie Colleton, Marketing Director, Geary LSF

“Anna is a well-rounded Human resources professional who led Geary LSF to be on the “Best Places to Work” year after year. She also put in place several employee engagement programs which increased employee morale, motivation, and retention. Anna is a pleasure to work with and has a deep understanding of what motivates the millennial workforce.”

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